DotBit Domains List – .bit Search
Simple Useful DotBit Namecoin Domains List
  • Use Brave Browser for better performance
  • Use history when IPNS is unavailable during updates 
  • Decentralized page load times can take several minutes


  • Brave Browser Direct Links (paste directly into address field)
    • ipns://k51qzi5uqu5dikefzhgpsauc33nzlpqovguh6mw5y8dn4lhi60ivdtcm5m5z0b
    • ipfs://QmSxqLdaC67Cf5KCggGENHGXMSivHMT16DSgkAsDvXf7nR
    • ipfs://QmSkSGkVq1DtHDDDmTNE6xPSbbxLLZXjRgXcqyJqTpN6g9

Offline Access

The contents of can be available even if there is a world wide attack on internet services. This is really the advantage of decentralized DNS and hosting. Internet outages include DNS or ISP attacks, internet censorship, firewall blocking and natural disasters taking out major infrastructure.

In order for you to still have access during some of these events keeping a copy of the DotBit Domains List links on your local machine will still allow you to access the DotBit domains list and its updates. Bookmarking decentralized links is also another way to access them directly without the use of centralized servers. Please support the network by running an IPFS node.

<head> DotBit Domains Lists Offline Access</head>

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<a href="" target="_blank">
IPNS Dotbit Domains List</a>


.bit domains have a lot of dead links. We highly encourage the DotBit community to update their name settings.